11) What drove Ben to betray Dharma?
Takes a bit more than a bad day to kill 40 of the people you grew up with. What happened to Annie? Is that the answer? What did Charles Widmore mean when he said to Ben, “I know what you are, boy.”?



Answer (8/24/10): Ben felt he was doing the right thing in service to Jacob and the Island. Jacob’s hands-off policy, instead allowing Richard to serve as his mouthpiece, caused much misery and mayhem during his tenure, the Purge is just another example.

12) I see dead people?
Are Christian, Claire, Yemi, Charlie and the horse all dead? Are they ghosts? Is it Smokey? Is it nanobots?


Let’s not forget Ben’s mom Emily either:

emily linus

Answer (4/13/10): Yes, they’re all dead, and are actually the source of the ethereal whispers we’ve heard since early seasons. They’re the dead that “can’t move on,” according to Ghost Michael. Not sure what the criteria for that may be (other than who ABC might be able to sign as guest stars — notice we haven’t seen Eko). It’s not entirely clear what their motives are at this stage either.

13) What is the extent of Walt’s powers?
We’ve seen him cause a bird to fly into a window. We’ve seen him astral project to Shannon, Sayid and Locke. Will he become a superhero and throw people through the air whilst shooting lightning bolts from his fingers?


Answer (8/9/10): We know Walt could draw birds to him and project his image across the globe, and he may be a Connect-4 expert as well. That’s about all we’ll ever know, save the fact that he’s on his way back to the Island the last time we see him in “The New Man in Charge” (click the link above), apparently destined to help Hurley out, if not serve as his eventual and eternal replacement.

14) Why was Libby at Santa Rosa Mental Hospital with Hurley?
I’m not sure what the whole point of her being there was. I’m guessing it’ll end up being a loose end due to her possible early departure after the actresses’ arrest for DUI in Hawaii. Which brings me to my next question…


Answer (8/24/10): This is presumably one of those plot threads we’d only see completed if the show had gone eight or nine seasons. Alas, we’ll settle for coincidence + insanity + destiny.

15) Who’ll be the next castmember to die on the show after a DUI arrest?
We’re four-for-four: Ana Lucia/Michelle Rodriguez, Libby/Cynthia Watros, Eko/Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje, and Jin/Daniel Dae Kim. All drunkards, all dead. Alright, well Eko was arrested for driving without a license and disobeying a police officer, but close enough.


Answer (8/24/10): They all died!

16) I know they’re stranded on an island, but are they really desperate enough to drink 15-year old beers?


Answer (8/24/10): Beers sitting in a van down by the river! Skunk-tastic!

17) Who is Ms. Hawking?
The engimatic old woman appeared as a sort of temporal policewoman in Desmond’s flashes.

ms hawking

Almost as strangely, she appears in a poorly-Photoshopped picture sitting on Brother Campbell’s desk at the monastery where Desmond helped make wine for a year or two.

ms hawking pic

Answer (1/28/09): Eloise Hawking was on the Island with Charles Widmore back in the 50’s, and all evidence seems to indicate she’s Daniel Faraday’s mother (she is).

18) Who will Kate end up with?
(I feel obligated to include this despite my annoyance with the storyline).

sawyer vs. jack

I’m guessing/hoping she ends up with Billy Dee Williams. Kate truly belongs here among us in the clouds.

Answer (5/23/10): Jack. God help us all.

billy dee

19) What does the serum do?
Probably nothin’; it’s probably a placebo. Though it did seem to make Aaron better when he got sick in season two.


Answer (8/24/10): Let’s go with placebo.

20) Did Phil Collins really feel it coming in the air that night?

phil collins

Answer (8/24/10): Oddly enough, no.

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8 thoughts on “Lost-ions”

  1. Great to read and be reminded of all of this before the show starts again this week..thanks. More questions? Are you kidding me? That’s all I have is questions….and no answers! Yes, you’ll get your share as they come to me…you asked for it!

  2. 41) Why do pregnant women die after their first trimester?
    Juliet was brought there to try and figure out why but failed. Claire was 8 months pregnant when they crashed. Perhaps it’s getting past that first trimester that’s the trick.

  3. Just reading all of these again make all these things seem so far in the past! So much has happened this season that, as usual, it boggles the mind…Let’s hope the writers have answers to all of them, and that our “tracker” makes sure that all storylines are tied up with no loose ends in the end!!!

  4. 42) What are the “whispers?”

    Answer (4/13/10): They are the voices of those that have died on the Island but can’t yet “move on.” Michael tells Hurley as much while guiding him away from the Black Rock’s dynamite and an explosive fate.

  5. Stumbling into your blog while researching some stuff kicked up by visiting the nuclear weapons museum in Albuquerque was truly wierd. I visited that museum as a USN trainee in 1959, the casing of the Mark 17 was exhibit #1, and the resemblance between the “Jughead” bomb in “Lost” and the EC-17 was noticeable, the other thing that startled me was finally seeing that the Dharma emblem is a cross-section of the trigger section, the Mark 5. Well, the test of it “vanished” the island, leaving a pit 6,000 feet wide. All the Dharma technology is so reminiscent of all the testing equipment I used to work with in the project, it is truly creepy. Maybe the island is the missing island of Bikini, off wandering.

  6. 43) Who was in the outrigger chasing and shooting at Sawyer, Juliet and company during the time flashes (5×04 – The Little Prince)?

    Answer (9/7/10): Those who’ve purchased the complete series box set should read over the journal entries included in the set, as they reveal the mysterious outrigger was captained by crewmembers of the Black Rock.

    December 18? – An away team of six men was launched at first light in an attempt to get to the island with hopes of determining our location.

    Only one returned alive. He seems in a deep shock, muttering about exchanging musket fire with another vessel which promptly disappeared in a flash of heavenly light.

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