This page contains links on everything from the latest in the aerospace industry, to the continuing search for Jebus and his crew of unicycle-riding baboons. Many of these are sites I frequent regularly, while a few of them are sites I’ve come across that need to be archived and preserved so that future generations can learn from mankind’s horrible mistakes of the past (Creed, The Village People, My Big Fat Obnoxious Boss, etc.).

muchacho network
From The Buffalo News.
The Big Bossman’s site.
The finest connoisseur of beer you’ll find on the Interweb.
Dan’s site; last updated in October of ’62.
The one and only.
Adam’s corner of the Internet.
The happy couple that blogs together.
A tribute to Aaron Shoemaker, a fallen comrade.
Snake Attack!
Remembrances of Aaron.
One of the few legit hockey analysts left on ESPN.
The worldwide leader’s ad-riddled home on the web.
His Sports Illustrated Monday Morning Quarterback column (on Monday mornings, no less) should be a required routine on said Monday mornings.
The definitive news and rumor source during the NHL lockout, Eklund now focuses on leaguewide trade and transaction rumors. Highly informative.
One of the preeminent sports columnists in America, writing for the New York Daily News.
His daily radio show airs from 12pm-3pm ET Monday thru Friday. Give it two weeks before you decide if you like him or not.
A hilarious mix of sports and social commentary, the former Jimmy Kimmel Live writer shares his miserable existence as a Boston sports fan.
Buffalo News sports columnist who’s made it his mission in life to run Bills’ GM Tom Donahoe out of town. (Mission: accomplished.)
Washington Post columnist best known for ESPN’s Pardon the Interruption with Tony Kornheiser.
His Sports Illustrated columns can be hit or miss in the enjoyment department, but he’s nearly always spot-on with all of his football analysis.
news & entertainment
Harry Knowles’ and company’s view on the latest news, rumors and releases in the entertainment industry; updated daily.
Various news concerning Buffalo, as one might expect by its’ title.
A blog devoted to the “up and coming” Buffalo and Western New York region. Take pride in B-lo!
Site devoted to drawing attention to the misdeeds of corporate America.
User-supplied links gain attention by the # of “diggs” they receive, allowing the community-at-large to determine the popular news of the day. (This means you’re liable to find just as many links about rabid squirrel attacks as you are the latest political happenings.)
The best way to catalogue your DVD collection. My ID is Ensign9.
News stories of the day presented as only FARK can.
The title says it all: if you don’t find the videos here–featuring Will Ferrell and other notable comic actors–funny, you WILL die.
NBC’s profit-saving answer to YouTube. Tons o’ clips and full episodes. Make sure you have an hour or two free before you click on Hulu.
Everything you need to know on every actor, director, film, key grip, and TV show ever created.
News from around the globe; more content, less focus on Paris Hilton’s latest whoring (I’m looking at you, CNN).
Reviews and columns from the illustrious Chicago Sun-Times writer.
This is everything I find funny.
pearl jam
The premier Pearl Jam message board. See if you can find me.
A comprehensive and nearly 100% complete guide to Pearl Jam’s concert history.
Has taken over as the best PJ news site on the Net.
The official Pearl Jam site, news on upcoming albums, tours, side projects, et al.
American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics
Traduisez ceci, vous des saucisses!
Nonstop fun and hilarity with Strong Bad and the crew.
Also self-explanatory.

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