An Offer He Can Refuse

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  • Another example of the religious imagery peppered throughout “Ab Aeterno,” Jacob’s dunking of Ricardo in the ocean struck me very much as a sort of baptism for the man. A sort of cleansing of Ricardo’s soul before Jacob could accept him as a follower/prophet.

    ricardo baptism

    Despite that, Jacob indicates he can’t offer Ricardo absolution for the doctor’s murder, nor can he bring his wife back. What he can do, however, is grant Richard eternal life. I dunno, but it seems like “eternal life” would be right next to “resurrect your loved ones” and “forgiveness” on the God-Mart store shelves.

  • Esau gives a dagger to Ricardo to kill Jacob, the same dagger Dogen gave to Sayid to kill Esau several weeks back. The advice is identical as well: “do not let him say a word;” “if he speaks, it’s already too late.”

    ricardo dagger

    I could be wrong, but Ben just used a regular old knife to kill Jacob last season, correct? So does this dagger have any special significance or not?

  • Lots of significant touching (that’s gonna be the name of my first album) this episode. Esau touches Ricardo in the Black Rock’s hold, signaling to me he has powers similar to Jacob, whether restorative or infecting.

    esau touches

    Jacob later touches Ricardo to grant him eternal life (or perhaps it was just a friendly grab of the shoulder).

    jacob richard

    This may be nothing more than a lack of attention paid on my part, but it appears as if Jacob was able to heal Ilana rapidly after she agrees to help him protect the six remaining candidates. She goes from a bruised-up, heavily-bandaged face to one without a scratch.

    ilana healed

  • And we shouldn’t forget the fact he said there were six remaining candidates; this would then place the scene after Locke’s (the real Locke) death, as there’d be seven candidates if he were still viable (Jack, Hurley, Sawyer, Kate, Sayid, and “Kwon” being the other six).
  • The “inside joke” Esau/Locke alluded to when he brought Sawyer to Jacob’s cave some weeks back is referenced tonight when Ricardo gives the Man in Black the white stone we saw resting on one side of the scales in the cave.

    white stone

    I suppose the stone could be a representation of another soldier for Jacob’s side. To Esau’s chagrin, I’m sure.

  • During the fireside chat, Sun seems to indicate Ilana told her she was a candidate (meaning the “KWON” scrawled on the cave wall and lighthouse dial refers to her). My memory’s fuzzy on previous weeks, so I’m not sure if this is misunderstanding on Sun’s part or if this is actual confirmation she is the Kwon candidate. Either way, she remains annoying.
  • I’m disappointed we didn’t get to meet Captain Magnus Hanso, having to settle instead for his slave-buyer Whitfield, who later meets his end courtesy of Smokey.


    We learn the statue of Tawaret was wrecked when the Black Rock crashed into it atop a giant wave on its way inland. Jacob confirmed he brought the Black Rock there; was it also his intention to destroy the majority of the statue?

    tawaret storm

    Recall Tawaret’s significance:

    In Egyptian mythology, Taweret is the Egyptian Goddess of childbirth and fertility. The name “Taweret” means, “she who is great” or simply, “great one.” When paired with another deity, she became the demon-wife of Apep, the original god of evil. However, the Egyptians essentially treated Taweret as a benevolent figure. [Wikipedia]

    This is a bit of a reach, but could the destruction of Tawaret be somehow linked with the difficulties giving birth on the Island in later years?

  • Two eye shots to report; one each for Ricardo and Ilana. Much like the many mirror shots backing this season’s flash-sideways theme, the eye shots have long been a device to signal some sort of transition or awareness on the part of our characters. Ilana’s eye shot precedes a visit by Jacob.

    ilana eye

    Ricardo’s takes place after Smokey pays him a visit and scans his memories.

    smokey ricardo

    richard eye

  • Hurley appears to have fully accepted his ability to commune with the dead, serving as a medium for Isabella to reunite with her long-lost love.

    richard isabella

    I assume Hurley is still a candidate to replace Jacob, but his actions thus far this season lend themselves more toward a follower/helper than becoming the big cheese. (I’m not sure any of us really expect to see Hurley take on the mantle at season’s end, do we?)

  • We see Smokey take on the role of Isabella as his first step in attempting to convert Ricardo to his cause.

    smokey isabella

    While the Island isn’t quite hell, I’m sure it’s comparable for Esau, who’d like nothing more than to escape it.

    I’m wondering if perhaps we saw another avatar-like form for Jacob, in the form of a blue butterfly. I’m not sure it’s the type of thing a writer or director is going to request the computer effects department create unless it has some greater significance.



    I suppose we could attribute this to Smokey as well, but a butterfly “watching over” Ricardo seems a tad too benevolent for the Man in Black. And speaking of men in black, anyone else immediately think of Smokey when that shady priest entered Ricardo’s cell?


    Moreover, where did the Man in Black get Isabella’s cross necklace from?

  • Esau refers to himself as “a friend,” as Claire did earlier this season. And his line, “it’s good to see you out of those chains” is the same line Locke/Esau told Richard present day to ensure Richard knew exactly who he really was.
  • Another landmark to note: Esau’s Clearing (as I’m dubbing it). Featuring some nifty pillars and a bench, it’s sure to become a vacation destination for travelers everywhere.

    esau bench

  • Anyone catch the new Sharp Quattro commercial featuring George Takei?


    “Oh my!” indeed.


10 thoughts on “An Offer He Can Refuse”

  1. Ok, lots of comments I have:

    1. I thought it strange that when Jacob asks Richard what he wants (and is turned down for, a) his wife back, b) revenge?) that all of a suddent Richard comes up with “well, then I want to live forever?!? Where is the logic in that request?

    2. The white rock to which you refer, I don’t remember as being the one that was thrown by Esau out of the cave in an earlier episode. I recollect that there was a white rock earlier in last night’s episode being handed amongst two characters, but I don’t remember which two. And, therefore, the same rock that was shown earlier in last night’s episode.

    3. I believe that it was Ilana that told Sun a couple of episodes back, that she and Jin were “on the list”, so that is how Sun knows she (or Jin), is on the list. Illana also had told Sun that she didn’t know which one she was supposed to protect, so therefore had to try to protect them both.

    4. I am not so sure that the Isabella manifestation was a result of a “smokey” trick, or of Hurley’s faith. I believe the real turning point here is “faith”. Richard gains faith in Jacob through the manifestation of beleiving that he is feeling/hearing/experienceing Isabella. It is after that he acheives “peace” and calm, and a belief in Jacob. Hurley already believes, so that is why Hurley can see “dead people”. Hurley has faith. That is also why Jacob uses Hurley as a messenger to the “unbelievers”. I believe that Paul in the Bible, would be a corresponding character/figure.

    5. The necklace. Didn’t Richard take that when Isabella died? So, the preist was simply returning it? I don’t remember for sure.

    Thanks for great write up, as always…I enjoyed the episode, too!

  2. I think it is the “baby” Kwon…whatever her name is…and she is back on the “mainland”…so, it is neither Sun, nor Jin. This could tie in with the fertility problems, the Others “stealing” the kids, etc. ie, they were told a “savior” would be born, so it was important to the islanders to protect mothers giving birth? (kind of like Moses in the bullrushes, except that Jin and Sun have a girl, and not a guy) …again, something Cuse and Lindelof have said repeatedly, that they originally wanted their “Hero/ine” to be a woman, not necessarily a man. (Kate was originally supposed to be the “Jack” character during their earlier imaginings…something that I read many seasons ago, I think?)

  3. Skater,
    Richard, after being denied being with his wife and forgiveness of his sins asked to live forever because that would save him from hell eventually being sent to hell for murdering the doctor…that’s my theory at least

  4. Need some theories now, on the “babies” that have been born….Claire’s baby, Aaron; Sun’s baby; Pen and Desmond’s baby; Juliette’s sister’s baby…there should be some correlation, no? (and, of course, the blood on Aaron’s looking similar to Christ on the cross type wounds….)

    Jeff, I like your idea about the last “shot” mirroring Esau and Jacob…

    I’m going through withdrawal already!

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