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Although I’ve taken a few classes at the University at Buffalo, the bulk of my career in higher learning consisted of four years at Clarkson University, an engineering and management school in lovely Potsdam, NY. Here you’ll find a basic description of my academic workload, broken down by year and semester. If I remember 16% of the stuff I learned, I will count myself among the extraordinarily lucky.

FALL 1999
Great Ideas I
Fulfills the "expand your mind requirement for the predominantly engineering-minded CU student. (3 credits)
MA131 Calculus I Differentiation and integration–makes me shudder to this day. (3 credits)
CM131 Chemistry I Revolves around the study of chemical reactions and the billions upon billions of formulae that accompany them. (3 credits)
PH131 Physics I Revolves around the study of reactions in nature and the billions upon billions of formulae that accompany them. (4 credits)
PE100 Personal Wellness Another of the required freshman courses, it’s a lot like high school health class. (and it’s a whopping 0 credits)
MS111 Military Science I All you ever wanted to know about surviving in the woods for a week with only a battery and a paper clip. (1 credit)
LS196 Great Ideas II Completes the "expand your mind" requirement. (3 credits)
MA132 Calculus II More integrals, oh my… (3 credits)
CM132 Chemistry II Lots more formulae, God help us… (3 credits)
PH132 Physics II At least these formulas are a little more useful… (4 credits)
ES100 Intro. to Maple A course teaching beginners how to use the versatile mathematics program, Maple V, which I’ve used exactly once since completing the course. (1 credit)

FALL 2000
Differential Equations
This course is taught by the guy who apparently won the highest award a mathematician can win in England. Trust me when I say he ain’t gettin’ any awards for teaching. (3 credits)
AE200 AE Seminar An introduction to all things aeronautical. (0 credits)
ES220 Statics Beams, sum the forces, cake on a thumb tack. (3 credits)
ES250 Electrical Science Chances are, if the textbook is written by your professor, that he’s going to have a pretty high opinion of himself. This is the case, and Svoboda is a grade-A douchehat. (3 credits)
TC210 Rhetoric Talk about "good" sentences, and design of a web site for a real-world company (www.renewalhouse.org). (3 credits)
ES260 Materials Science & Engineering The God’s honest truth: I went to this class approximately six times this semester and ended up with a B+. ‘Nuff said. (3 credits)
MA231 Calculus III Weeee, this class is taught by a Greek-Mexican named Xenophontos! (3 credits)
AE212 Intro. to Engineering Design Entails two design projects: the first to shoot ping pong balls through an elevated hoop; the second to chuck a ruler down desks. End result? Pain. (3 credits)
ES222 Strengths More beams and summing the forces; but now we add material properties and bending!!! (3 credits)
TC310 Mass Media Dear lord, there were more difficult courses in high school. We talk about the effects the media has on society a bit, but mostly we’ve discussed Woody Allen and the success of Nike. (3 credits)
ES223 Rigid Body Dynamics Taught by a guy who, not only can he NOT speak English, but has a lisp to boot! (3 credits)

FALL 2001
Fluid Mechanics
Water, air, oil, soda, tonic water, liquor, and other fluids and how they do, um, stuff. (3 credits)
ES340 Thermodynamics Ahem, remember all that, ahem, crap about enthalpy, ahem, and heat transfer from high school, ahem, chemistry? That’s, ahem, what I’m doing, ahem, for an entire semester. Ahem. Oh, and the professor can’t stop clearing her throat each day. (3 credits)
AE350 Aircraft Structures I thought this would be cool, but Professor Pradeep is now in week 2 of landing gear. Sigh. (3 credits)
MA330 Advanced Engineering Math Matrices. (3 credits)
AE455 Mechanical Vibrations & Control Ach–mie lamen! Imagine your worst nightmare, add 568.4, then multiply by Pi, and you have this course. (3 credits)
AE425 Aerodynamics Pra-DEEP! Mmm…viscous flows… (3 credits)
AE429 Aircraft Performance & Flight Mechanics Pradeep. Lots of equations. Need sleep. (3 credits)
AE458 Design of Aircraft Structures Taught by Ratan Jha; now we’re getting somewhere. (3 credits)
AE470 Aeronautical Laboratory Shitballs! I wouldn’t wish this course on my worst enemy. I’ll post one of 80-page reports we had to write here (8 MB). (3 credits)
EC350 Microeconomics I took this in high school. Thank you, Mr. Holtz. (3 credits)

FALL 2002
Aircraft Design I
Finally, the meat of my degree. Lots and lots of handouts. (3 credits)
AE430 Stability & Control of Aerospace Vehicles Making sure the plane doesn’t fall out of the sky (which would be considered a bad thing in my industry). (3 credits)
AE431 Gas Dynamics Stop giggling. (3 credits)
EV342 Environmental Ethics Elective time. Save a tree. (3 credits)
AE451 Aircraft Design II Buildin’ planes. Download our final report here (11.1 MB). (3 credits)
AE427 Propulsion Design Buildin’ engines. (3 credits)
ME444 CAD There’s nothing better than drawing stuff on a computer. Download our final project here (2.3 MB). (3 credits)
LP341 Professional Ethics No cheating! (3 credits)
ME435 Independent Study Project We started out trying to research a Sterling engine to go to Mars, but ended up building model airplanes that could attach and reattach in mid-air. (3 credits)
AC205 Accounting That’s right, it’s a 200-level course. What’s it to ya? (3 credits)

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